private drum set, hand drum & piano lessons

Fee: $25 for 30 minutes, $50 for 60 minutes (10% off for a 5-pack, 15% off for a 10-pack)

Payments accepted thru PayPal or cash at time of lesson. Payment will be due before requested time slot is reserved.

Availability: Mondays & Tuesdays, 3pm - 8pm MST

Anna is now accepting students at her home studio in Denver, CO. With 20 years experience teaching and over 30 years playing and performing, Anna specializes in coaching and mentoring kids and women. "Drums and piano are more than striking an instrument with your hands. They build confidence, social skills, focus and self esteem. I also find that aspects of playing is meditative, something we all could use in our fast-paced, sometimes anxiety-driven society. Music is one of the best tools you can use for stress relief! I want to see more women and young girls playing and expressing themselves thru the art of music. I'd like to be a part of changing how our culture views the divine feminine in music." Her Denver home studio is equipped with a basement dedicated to music, private lessons and facilitated group drum circles. Hand drums available: djembe, cajon, dumbek (goblet drum) and kpanlogo. Drum set lessons are taught at two drum kits side-by-side for optimum learning. Piano lessons are taught at a Yamaha electric piano (weighted keys). Each lesson is customized based upon the students' needs and goals. A variety of materials (books, audio recordings, videos, magazine articles) and teaching techniques (auditory, visual, color-coding, tactile) are used to create fun and long-term learning experiences.

Skype/facetime lessons

Fee: $25 for 30 minutes, $50 for 60 minutes (10% off for a 5-pack, 15% off for a 10-pack)

Payments accept thru PayPal. Payment will be due before requested time slot is reserved.

Availability: Mondays thru Fridays, 10am - 8pm MST

For students who live outside of the Denver metro area or cannot access transportation, online lessons are a great solution! All you need to get going is a wifi connection, a Skype or FaceTime account and a tablet or computer/laptop with a built-in or external web camera.


Currently coordinating a weekly women's drum circle at Anna's home studio. Contact Anna for current schedule.

Fee: Suggested donation of $10 (or what you can afford at the time)

"Besides being a huge source of joy in my life, drumming has blessed me with so many amazing things in my life and I want to pass these things on to our community of women. I'm open to women and girls ages 5-105 to join this group. You don't need a drum, just bring yourself. I will provide the space at my home studio and the instruments. I'd be open to coming to your space (within 15 miles from my home studio) if you can get at least 6 women to join us.  Drums are easy to start playing! Anyone can strike a drum and make a sound. It is primordial. Drums are THE first instrument. From the womb we naturally have rhythms within us. Let's connect and share this sacred art!"

There are so many positive gifts that drumming can bring us.  Anna has a passion to share those gifts. Without the learning curve of most instruments, almost immediately, drumming can:

  • make you happy
  • release stress, tension and anxiety
  • help with chronic pain
  • boost your immune system
  • establish a sense of connectedness, community
  • connect you spiritually
  • release negativity
  • bring you to the present moment
  • be a life-changing personal transformation
  • build your confidence and self-esteem

For a great read on the medical benefits of drumming check out these articles:

From Dr. Christiane Northrup: 10 Health Reasons to Start Drumming

From isoulscience: Group Drumming Relieves Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression Better Than Meds, New Study Suggests


Contact Anna regarding scheduling or questions about private drum set lessons, hand drumming lessons, piano lessons, Skype/Facetime lessons and group drum circles: