lessons policies

The intent of these policies are to provide a clear, fair and amicable agreement between teacher and student/parent/guardian.  These policies need to be read and agreed upon before lessons will be scheduled. If any part of these are unclear, please email Anna. 



Payment options: Cash or Paypal

As of August, 2016, the fees for lessons at Anna's home studio will be as follows:
30 minute lesson: $25
60 minute lesson: $50

Fees for Skype/FaceTime lessons:
30 minute lesson: $25
60 minute lesson: $50

Payment Options:

  • Individual lessons (must be paid before time slot is reserved).
  • 5 pack: Save 10%
  • 10 pack: Save 15%

Referrals: Student will receive 50% off one 30-minute lesson after the referred student's first lesson.

The best way to reserve your day and time slot is to get on a reoccurring schedule and pay for package lessons in advance. This payment secures students the same assigned weekly slot in my schedule for an extended time. 


The best means by which to contact me is my e-mail address: annamul@mac.com.  I will not answer phone calls during lessons, so please do not call. Cancellations must be given via e-mail or a text, 24 hours in advance from your scheduled lesson.  Rescheduling must also be done via email or text, 24 hours in advance. If a 24-hour notice is not given, student risks losing a lesson without the option of a makeup lesson. Once you are booked into my schedule, that is your reserved time slot.  Typically, changing time slots can be difficult due to my schedule. 



studio policies

Please let everyone who may be bringing the student to their lesson know about the following studio policies:

Drop off and pick up your student on time. I cannot run overtime due to late arrivals nor can I be responsible for supervising a student once the lesson has concluded. I understand delays happen whether they are due to traffic, weather, accidents, etc. If you arrive late to a lesson, and my schedule allows it, I will do my best to give you the full amount of time. If there is a lesson right after your scheduled time, then your lesson will be the remaining time once you arrive. No refunds will be given for attending lessons late.

Please text when you arrive. The door will remain locked unless I am notified you are here. Please do not drop off a student more than 10 minutes ahead of their scheduled time.

Parking:  You can pull into the driveway to drop off or pick up your student. Please park on the street and do not block the driveway. 

For students under the age of 9, I do ask that parents accompany the student in and out, and attend at least the first lesson.

The studio entrance is the front door. If wet or snowy conditions exist, you may be asked to remove your shoes. The drum lessons room is in the main basement area.  There is a seating area to wait or to watch. Earplugs are strongly recommended. 

No food or drink allowed in the studio. Water is ok in a sealable container.


Lessons are not automatically cancelled due to inclement weather.  Even when local schools have declared a snow day, it is likely that lessons will still be given that day.  Road conditions often greatly improve by late afternoon or early evening when most lessons are scheduled.  When in doubt, please check your e-mail, as I will always send out a notice if there are to be lesson cancellations.

missed lessons

An unscheduled missed lesson (no show) is also considered lost without make-up. Last minute or unexpected illness, sports practices, games or any other activities that result in a missed lesson should be considered a lost lesson.  Please do not attend lessons if you are sick, have a fever or virus. If you were not able to attend school or work due to an illness, it’s probably best that you don’t attend a lesson.


Students will make a commitment to themselves and to me to practice lesson materials. I recommend that most beginners practice a minimum of 15 minutes per day, five days a week. This may vary depending on the student’s age. Kindergartners may practice only 10 minutes per day while teen or adult beginners may need to practice 30 minutes per day.  Advanced students should expect to practice 30-60 minutes or more per day.  No matter how long a student practices, the key to advancing is consistent, daily practice at least five days per week. It is my commitment to the student that the lessons will be fun. I will keep you challenged and striving to be the best you can be.