Anna works with kids so they can find out how they can use the drums. It's really easy even if it's your first time playing the drums because she's really open minded. She knows it can be hard to play the drums and she makes it easier for you. By being happy and encouraging and slowing things down a bit and helping a lot to find your own beat. Each time I was going to see her I felt happy because I knew that if I messed up she would help me in a way that wasn't too much help but the amount that I could learn how to play the beat. She's been helpful to me in many ways. She rocks!

- Alexandra D. (age 9)

I've worked with Anna as a pro sound man. She's extremely professional. Her charisma engages all of the people around her, so she always makes a great connection. Her musical abilities are outstanding. She's very patient, and kind, while still holding others accountable. I hope to work with her often. I highly endorse and recommend her as a teacher and mentor.

- David W.

I've worked with Anna on hand drums learning to play various rhythms and to jam with another person. She's attentive but relaxed so I relax and before I know it rhythms are flowing through my hands we're making the drums sing together. Really cool! I highly recommend her as a teacher. 

- Catherine C. (50+ student)

Anna is a talented and skilled musician. She exudes her passion for drumming and I look forward to my lessons with her. I really feel like I am securing a solid foundation with which to build upon for years to come.

- Amy A.

An amazing knowledgeable drum teacher. I spent 2 years under Annamul's tutelage. I highly recommend her as a teacher.

- Brian D.

I play in a rock/jam band with Anna called Skadi. It is a true pleasure to work with her. She is always professional, on time, creative and totally rocks it on the drums. Whenever we play out, people comment on Annamul's energy and skill. I have also worked at rock camp with Anna, and it was a joy to see her interact with the campers. It's clear that she has a strong passion for music, and she tends to spark that same passion in her students.

- Erica B.

Anna is a high-energy teacher and drummer. I haven't taken drum lessons from her, but she and I worked at the Girls Rock and Roll Retreat in Minneapolis and I saw first-hand her dedication to her drum students and the bands that she coached. She and I are also in a band together, and her skill and passion for both drumming and music inspire me. Her ability to pass along that joy and inspiration is perhaps her best quality as a teacher, as she makes her students want to be better.

- Candace H.

Anna brings loving presence to her teaching! She wanted to know what I wanted to learn and then she broke the drumming down into easy, repeatable steps. She is patient - I never felt stupid or stressed. I felt relaxed and was playing along with her in the very first lesson!

- C.M. (50+ student)

Anna is among one of the most talented, passionate, and positive people I have ever met. Along with being an extremely talented musician, she radiates passion for music and an always-upbeat attitude. It has been a privilege to learn from her as well as teach alongside her. She is able to bring even the shyest beginner out of their shell with her contagious and positive energy. She has been as inspiration to me in my music career as well as countless others.

- Lindsay D.

Anna is a drummer to the core and brings a joyful energy and passion to teaching that inspired me to continue learning to play. Her positivity and confidence in my success made me confident and helped me more quickly pick up new techniques.

- Alyse E.

Working with Anna at rock camp for several years was such a great experience for me. She has a special way of making learning fun, and was very giving to her students. Her class was always upbeat and full of energy. The same high energy and great vibe comes across in her playing. Anna rocks!

- Brenda K., Technical Director, Girls Rock n Roll Retreat, St. Paul, MN

Anna Amick is a wonderful drum teacher. She teaches drums at Girls Rock n Roll Retreat and both the campers and fellow teachers adore her. She has a way of making her drum classes fun, but they are also very productive; many of the beginner campers were able to play solid rock beats and drum fills after the first class! She is a very skilled drummer, her technical ability is inspiring to many of the more advanced campers and she has no problem challenging them and taking them to the next level of playing. I would recommend Anna to anyone looking for a professionally skilled and super fun drum instructor!  

- Jenny C., Executive Director, Girls Rock n Roll Retreat, St. Paul, MN

Anna brought her passion and knowledge of drumming to camp and shared it at a level the girls could understand.  The girls she worked with learned quickly from her and easily demonstrated that by the end of the week.  She was a great addition to our camp.

- Lisa W., Board Member of She Rock She Rock, former Camp Director, Girls Rock n Roll Retreat, St. Paul, MN

Working  Anna has a unique ability to communicate really well to kids so that they can relate to her, but know she is in charge. She combines great fundamentals with actual fun. The kids always wanna come back to lessons with Anna!

- Edie B., former Camp Director, Girls Rock n Roll Retreat, St. Paul, MN